Fayuca with Mouse Powell and Audic Empire Tickets House of Thursday, September 07

Fayuca Event

Fayuca with Mouse Powell and Audic Empire

Mouse Powell, Audic Empire

Thursday, September 07
Doors @
Show @ 7:00 PM MST
Price: $10.00


FayucaFayuca is a three- peice PUNK ROCK/ REGGAE band from Phoenix, Arizona. The bands style is rooted in REGGAE/ DUB, with SUBLIME and RX BANDITS cited as heavy influences. There is an obvious SPANISH influence in the band’s music as well. In 2004, FAYUCA released their debut album, WALK WEST, on local punk rock label LOCK AND KEY RECORDS. By their second release in 2005 (BLACK MARKET) FAYUCA began to build serious momentum through consistent touring; And the release of “THE ASSASSINATION” in 2009 was well worth the wait!

Venue Information

House of Rock

511 Starr Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

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