Monday Night Menagerie ft Collidoscope Wabakinoset Green Hit Monday, December 19

Collidoscope, Wabakinoset, Green Hit Event

Monday Night Menagerie ft. Collidoscope, Wabakinoset, Green Hit & More

Monday, December 19
Doors @ 7:30 PM MST
Show @ 8:00 PM MST
Price: OVER 21: Free Before 8 PM / $10 After 8 PM /// UNDER 21: $10 All Night
Ages: 16 and Over


CollidoscopeCollidoscope is all about the joining of forces, the smashing together of worlds. We believe that the most phenomenal ideas are formed where individual experiences, tastes, and backgrounds cross paths and spill into each other. Producers Hank Brigham and James Hatch began collaborating and making music in summer 2014. They quickly found that the blend of unique styles and talent created a whole most definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Each member has a different musical background: James Hatch – Keys/Synth & Production Hank Brigham – Rhythm, Bass, Saxophone, & Production Robert Slange – Drums Vince Seidl – Guitar & Production and a commitment to embracing as many influences as possible. While the group has a penchant for 70s funk and live instrument elements, there is nothing off limits when it comes to the flavor of the music. Each new song is a chance to explore a new aural landscape, and each new show has an element of jam and improvisation that sets it apart. Every experience is a new collision.


WabakinosetComing to a smoke-filled cabaret lounge near you.

Green Hit

Green HitGreen Hit is an instrumental four piece based out of the Denver Metro Area. Fusing various styles, the band features Will Ganas on guitar, Tony Wirkus on bass, Collin Jones on Keys and Jeff Pfannenstiel on drums. Green Hit existed previously in Florida featuring Will and Tony, but the band was put on hiatus in the late 00’s as the original band members dispersed. Reconvening in Colorado, Tony and Will contacted Jeff and Collin in mid-2015, and beginning with the framework of a handful of old Green Hit songs, the band set out on its newest adventure. At any Green Hit show, audience members should prepare to hear elements of progressive rock, funk both new and old, electronica, jazz, and reggae – and that is sometimes all in just one song! This band’s identity is the product of the four differing identities which populate it; its members value exposing themselves to every genre of music and performance, which allows the group to evolve at a phenomenal rate. Creativity abounds in the group’s songwriting, and live performances are something different altogether, which the energy careening like your favorite wooden roller coaster from dizzying danceable heights, to otherworldly avant-garde experimental sections. While not a “jam band,” this group takes live improvisation very seriously, creating a unique experience for the audience at every show, starting with the music. Their DIY camping events are not to be missed – they are truly a unique endeavor for a band in its natal stages, as they are clear evidence that the group is dedicated to music and the culture that surrounds it as an art form.

Venue Information

Cervantes’ Other Side

2637 Welton St.,
Denver, CO 80205

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