Nappy Nina Norvis Junior haNN11 Odd Mojo Tickets Cmon Everybody Sunday, September 24

Nappy Nina, Norvis Junior, haNN_11, Odd Mojo Event

Nappy Nina, Norvis Junior, haNN_11, Odd Mojo

Sunday, September 24
Doors @
Show @ 8:00 PM MST
Price: $8.00 – $10.00
Ages: 21 and Over

Nappy Nina

Nappy Nina“There’s a joke in Oakland that there’s a BART stop somewhere in Brooklyn; that much of a cultural exchange between either city. Both known for maintaining cultural diversity and artistic relevance in the face of rising gentrification, comparisons between the two cities are hard to avoid. So is the seemingly fateful musical trajectory of Oakland-native-turned-Bushwick-resident, Nappy Nina. Raised the daughter of popular radio personality Greg Bridges in the nest of Oakland musicians, activists and culture makers defining the Bay Area scene of the 90s, Nina took the mic as a poet first before moving to Brooklyn five years ago to pursue music with fellow musicians Alfie Lenox, DJ Inward and Théo Mode. After a series of collaborative releases and residences at local Brooklyn venues, Nappy Nina has emerged on her own – first with the Naptime EP and now their latest, Extra Ordinary. Featuring appearances and production from the likes of Stas THEE Boss of THEESatisfaction and Norvis Junior, the project highlights how Nappy Nina’s voice has evolved from the hyphy bounce and Yee! tendencies of Bay Area hip hop, to a project as diverse in sonic structure and cadence as it is in content matter and lyrical depth.” – Amadeus Magazine

Norvis Junior

Norvis JuniorNorvis Junior is an artist of multiple disciplines born and raised in Dallas Texas currently living in Henderson Nevada. He’s doing his best to get to know himself through the various things he makes. Over the past 3 years Norvis Junior has released 20 Projects and been featured on multiple online publication’s including The Fader(US), Brownswood (UK), OkayPlayer (US) and Wax Poetics (US). Currently his plan is squarely focused on bringing a dynamic and unique experience to a live setting by spreading the space gospel of balance and communication. Blessings. Norvis Junior’s music defies traditional genres. So he created his own – “Space Gospel” – a category that, according to Wax Poetics, accurately reflects the way in which his music “stretches the boundaries of rhythm.” His sound is a natural evolution from his early days of performing in church choirs and receiving formal training in vocal performance as a student at Booker T. Washington High School, in Dallas, Texas, also Erykah Badu’s alma mater. He had the fortune of being raised around musicians, often functioning as an auxiliary “roadie” from the age of 5. Norvis Junior’s music is fearless. It combines the courageous cacophony of early acid Jazz with remnants of RnB and of course… Funk. At times it can be bass heavy evoking southern hip hop styles, layered with unexpected West African drumming, artful sonic play via synthesizer, and piano chords. At other times it can be minimal, direct, purposeful. On his most recent worldwide release, “Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03 (Dist. Tape Club Records),” his voice, a rich baritone with a velvety texture that evokes comparisons to Nina Simone, delivers unexpected sonic momentum, especially when he waxes poetic in falsetto. But beyond the sound, the message is clear: Norvis Junior has mastered his truth. As a songwriter, composer and producer, this concept is ever-present. Norvis Junior’s catalog is extensive relative to the amount of time he has been focused on his music career. With more than 30 projects released since 2011, it is very clear that he is situating himself as a mainstay. He credits the Purple One (Prince), George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, his father’s brothers, Flying Lotus, and many more, as influences and looks forward to bringing the Space Gospel of love and truth to an eardrum near you.



Odd Mojo

Odd Mojo

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C’mon Everybody

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