The Wind That Blows Is All That Anybody Knows Tickets Dupont Wednesday, April 12

Eric Dickson Event

The Wind That Blows Is All That Anybody Knows

Wednesday, April 12
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Show @ 1:00 PM MDT
Price: $15.00

Eric Dickson

Eric DicksonEric Dickson (*1975) is an installation artist and politics professor at New York University. Originally trained as a theoretical physicist, his academic work studies political societies from strategic and psychological perspectives: why are some authorities seen as legitimate, while others are not? Why do citizens believe what they believe about power structures and the world around them? His artistic practice probes related questions and explores the frontier between storytelling and installation art through interactive audio installations that embrace literary, technical, and site-specific challenges. His recent work (described at has broadcast fragmentary tales of an epic overland journey from antique wardrobes dispersed around a square mile of Nevada desert; scattered monologues from an uncertain collapse, ambiguously describing the end of a relationship or the fall of a republic, around an abandoned military base; and developed a unique soundscape blending first-person narrations of dreams with scripted stories constructed from recycled dream elements. He lives and works in New York City and Washington DC.

Venue Information

Dupont Underground

1583, 1527 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

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